Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album

Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album

Connie Talbot shot to fame on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and at eight years old, her Christmas album proves that she has a better voice than most adults in the music industry!

For a kid who has appeared on Opera Winfrey and sold a quarter of a million copies of her first single, you wouldn’t think there would be much else for her to do would you? But as Christmas comes round, what better than to cash in on the festivities with a corny package of well-known hits with Connie’s face plastered on the cover. Great.

Let it Snow is sung as well as it can be by an eight year old kid from the West Midlands, and as much as I hate to say it; she does pull of the ‘swing’ vibe pretty well. The same goes for When A Child Is Born which she belts out with more energy than I could ever muster.

My least favourite Christmas song; Frosty The Snowman is carried off well but sadly, you remember that is just a little girl singing a ’grown up’ swing song. However, all is forgiven with the incredible vocals on Ave Maria, which make me want to liken Connie to a young Charlotte Church.

She struggles to pull off the ‘rock sound’ associated with Merry Christmas Everybody and it does sound a bit karaoke-ish in parts. But I guess when you’re trying to imitate a bizarre looking blokes vocals trying to sound impressive is a bit futile. It’s sort of like Girls Aloud attempting a Guns N Roses track.

Favourites like Winter Wonderland, Rockin‘ Around The Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock are carried off flawlessly and I’m thinking that swing is the genre that this cute little girl really excels in.

The bonus tracks, Silent Night and White Christmas really are a bonus and despite my utter avoidance of child singers, I think these are great contributions to the musical world and I would probably even have them playing as a rip open my presents on Christmas morning.

The cover of Walking In The Air is pretty good too, however, it has nothing on the original or even the Nightwish cover (my favourite band in the world) so it’s difficult to assess it as it’s been sung previously by people with much better vocal ability then herself, but nevertheless; her mum should be proud.

So is it something to get you in the mood for Christmas? Well if you’re anything like me a Christmas song is a Christmas song regardless of who sings it, and it will get me in the mood guaranteed! So if you’re sick of your old Christmas mix-tape, go out and buy this, it has aeverything you need when wrapping all those presents, and regardless of whether you like it or not…. Connie is going to be the next Leona Lewis. Well in a bout 10 years.

Rating: 4/5 - Great voice when it comes to swing but lets us down in parts.

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