Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon

One of FemaleFirst's celebrity BFF's, Alesha Dixon is unveiling the second single from her new album, The Entertainer on November 28, and we're in love with it.,

We've all been there ladies, you've got a boyfriend, you know things aren't going well, so you try to stop it ending by talking about anything to make him forget, distracting him with kisses, and then ultimately, trying to block him from leaving.

It's shameful, and we should have more respect for ourselves than trying to keep a guy who clearly doesn't want to be with us anymore, but at least we know Alesha's done it too.

I'm loving the video for the track too, Alesha looks fantastic, in her little caravan, whilst the poor couple seem to live in the biggest trailer I've ever seen. Shame they couldn't fill it with furniture. But I digress…

It's a cracking single and I certain to fly into the top 10 within it's first week of release. Well done Alesha.

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