Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi

Out 21 March

Following a major buzz from her live shows, Blackout is the belated first single from Anna Calvi's self-titled debut album.

Bursting into our consciousness as one of the top emerging acts from the BBC Sound of 2011 list, Calvi's album was released in January and has seen her win over the hearts of the critics and fans, drawing comparisons to Kate Bush, Florence Welsh, Karen O and PJ Harvey due to her dark gothic themes and her wildly passionate performances.

Blackout is the perfect track to showcase Calvi to those who haven't heard her already, an atmospheric pop track with steady building catchy verses and a dramatic but effortless chorus.

Whether or not, on the strength of Blackout, you would hold Anna Calvi in as high regard as her aforementioned comparisons however is debatable.

Blackout is not a track you find more layers to upon each listen, while instantly likable it probably won't grow to be a favourite. Live you imagine the song would be much more powerful and passionate, which is hinted at in the music video, directed by Michael Baldwin.

Verdict: 3/5

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