Katy Perry

Katy Perry

When Katy Perry performed this on the X Factor I instantly got a text from my mum saying "what the bloody hell is this rubbish?" classic, but oh, so wrong of Moma Harrison I'm afraid.

Whilst I give her credit for bringing me up on a diet of Pink Floyd and Genesis (my mum, not Katy Perry. Obviously) I think she needs to understand why we love KP so much.

You see, she might not be the best singer in the world, and she might only look pretty half the time we see her, but she's just bonkers and brilliant. She's not an actual mental person like Lady GaGa, she knows how to get the level of absurdness just about right.

It's not the 'unless your skinny and wear tiny shorts and rollerblade everywhere you're not cool' crap we heard on 'California Gurls', nor the skintight jeans first time tease of 'Teenage Dream', but a straight up self-empowerment anthem that we want to listen to all night long.

I'm giving it 5/5. And when I'm a little worse for wear on Friday night, this is going to be coming out of me at full pelt. Probably shortly followed by the aftermath of chips and cheese.

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