Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

Out 11 April

Child prodigy come sultry singer Charlotte Church returns this Spring with Snow, the third single from her current album, Back to Scratch but fans of the album are in for a treat with this entirely new recording.

The version of the already tender song is accompanied by the acoustic guitar of the song writer, Welsh musician Jonathan Powell, as well gentle strings from The Vulcan String Quartet.

Church says she is proud of the honesty of the album that is her second pop record and her sixth overall. 

This integrity really shines through on the track and is a welcome departure from the pop emptiness that was Church's Tissues and Issues album.

Church's classical training is evident on this track and it is a welcome break from the autotuned pop-tarts that have been inflicted upon us in recent months but unfortunately, with a life as public as Church's, it's difficult to disassociate the celebrity from the musician, whose talent is unquestionable.

The track tells the tale of a relationship on the rocks and only a fervent listener could drag themselves away from wondering whether that's the story they read in OK! that time.

Verdict: 3/5

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