This Many Boyfriends

This Many Boyfriends

Artist: This Many Boyfriends

Single: Tina Weymouth

Label: Angular Records


Rating: 4/5

2012 was a great year for This Many Boyfriends after receiving praise for their self entitled album - from which they lifted some great singles.

And the beginning of 2013 sees the band return with the release of Tina Weymouth - the third single from that excellent debut album.

If you didn’t love This Many Boyfriends before the release of this single than you certain will after you have heard this great track - it really shows off this band at their very best.

Tina Weymouth is a track that mixes elements of pop and indie to result in an uplifting and punchy track that it incredibly catchy.

The jangle sound of the guitars pushes this track forward and gives it a real tempo and energy that you just want to bounce along to.

And the jangley sound of the guitars really works well with the deep vocals of lead singer Richard Brooke.

Brooke has one of those rich and deep vocals that wash over you and really draw you into a song - there is something about him, from a vocal standpoint, that really does remind me of Morrisey.

Tina Weymouth is another infectious and fun track from This Many Boyfriends and 2013 looks set to be another very exciting year for the band.

This Many Boyfriends - Tina Weymouth is out now

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