Zebrahead - Get Nice!

Zebrahead - Get Nice!

Album Review: Zebrahead - Get Nice!

Marking their first album of original material since 2008, Zebrahead have returned with Get Nice!

After the well-received covers album Panty Raid, it was time for Zebrahead to prove they can still put out a solid album.

Combining pop-punk, ska and hip-hop influences should give the band a unique sound, although at times it doesn't feel as original as it should.

This is Zebrahead doing what they do best, and what they've done for a while now.

Get Nice! is full of infectious pop-punk tunes, packed with killer riffs and catchy hooks.

The lyrics and energy Zebrahead are known for carry the album that, whilst solid and at times excellent, doesn't break any new ground for the band or their scene.

That's not necessarily a terrible thing, with bands like Bowling For Soup proving that being almost a one trick pony can work if you're brilliant at that trick.

'Ricky Bobby' shows the band's heavier side, whilst Zebrahead's pop-punk influences are evident on 'Nudist Priest'.

The latter is one of the best tracks on the album, and one of the best pop-punk songs in recent memory.

There are bigger, more consistent names in the pop-punk scene, but 'Nudist Priest' would definitely give them some tough competition.

With Get Nice!, Zebrahead have a brilliant, consistent album harmed only by the band's lack of adventure.

Every song is great and worthy of inclusion, but some diversity would make this a more interesting body of work.

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