Matchbox Twenty - North

Matchbox Twenty - North

Artist: Matchbox Twenty

Album: North

Label: Atlantic Records


Rating: 3/5

It was back in 2007 when we last had an album from Matchbox Twenty but you have to go back to 2002 for the last full album of new material.

This week sees the band return with their new album North and it is perhaps more of a pop record than More Than You Think You Are - which did have more of a rock sound.

Parade is the opening track on the album and it is by far the strongest song on the record as there is a bit of an anthem feel to it.

Rob Thomas' vocal is packed with emotion while Kyle Cook is once again on song with his riffs.

Put Your Hands Up sees the band try a bit of a new sound as they put a disco beat behind the track - it really doesn't work as this isn't what the band is all about.

Our Song follows a similar path and long-time fans of the band I doubt will be impressed by this new direction.

I am glad to say that after those two awful songs the band get back on track with I Will - a great acoustic track.

I Will shows off Thomas' great vocal as well as the band's great song-writing skills. There is a real intimate and tender feel to this track and it is one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Radio is a slice of old school rock and roll and it is arguably when the band sound at their best - it is also one of the most radio friendly songs on the album.

Matchbox Twenty were hoping that North would be the album that would mark their comeback but I don't think it will quite have the impact that they hoped.

There are some good tracks on this record - Parade and Radio being the two that really standout - but the rest of the record perhaps doesn't quite pack a hard enough punch.

Matchbox Twenty - North is out now

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