Subsource - Generation Doom EP

Subsource - Generation Doom EP

Artist: Subsource

Album: Generation Doom EP

Label: Doombox Recordings


Rating: 5/5

Subsource are back to take the music world by storm with their unique blend of rock and rave as they release their new EP Generation Doom.

And while on paper this is perhaps two genres of music that should not go hand in hand it is a fantastic combination that will simply blow you away.

Seriously there is some traditional rock in there with some rave, punk and a bit of dubstep and you have one of the most original sounding albums that you will hear this year.

Molotov is the opening track on the album and it makes an immediate impact with its heavy guitars and dance beats that are mixed seamlessly together.

It’s a pounding track that has a real ferocity to it - the vocal is also fantastic.

The Feeding does have a real dance element to it but the track shows off the rock influences with the heavy drums and the thundering guitars.

The track moves between a dancey chorus to a heavy rock chorus and the two genres just go so well together - this seriously is another awesome track.

Lay You Out mixes punk and dubstep while It’s All A Lie is perhaps the most traditional rock track on the album.

But it’s the mix of rock and dance/electronica that has really seen the band catch everyone’s attention and they go back to this formula for Anarchy.

The beat and synths are really in your face - thrown in a monumental vocal performance and you have another track that is a major highlight.

Generation Doom is an exciting EP and I would have loved to have listened to an entire album from the band as this is one of the best EP’s that I have heard all year.

The boys have not been afraid to mix and match different genres to create a rather unique and fearless sound - this is a record that is not to be missed.

Subsource - Generation Doom EP is out now

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