The Conspirators

The Conspirators

Artist: The Conspirators

Album: What’s Going On

Label: Reeltime Records


Rating: 4/5

The Conspirators already have three great singles this year in the form of Turning Green, Bubbles and Jekyll & Hyde and this week they are back with their debut album.

The Conspirators are a band that has a knack for infusing that Brit Pop sound into their folk based music and this album really is a gem of a record.

All That They Told Me is the opening track on the record and the catchy guitars immediately kick in for what is one of the most memorable and toe-tapping songs on the this album.

While John Gillies takes on the lead vocal with this opening track his voice mixes fantastically well with the beautiful tones of Genevieve.

While Jekyll & Hyde sounds like it may be a bit of a dark sounding record The Conspirators keep this track light and upbeat - it is actually a lot of fun.

Genevieve takes on the lead vocals with this track and se really is one of the best things about this band because her voice is just so beautiful.

There is a real simplicity to her vocal and yet there is a purity to its sound that goes so well with the pop/folk sound.

With each track the band really do tell a story through their music whether it be about love or just everyday life their music is just so relatable - not to mention almost impossible to forget; believe you will be singing and humming bits from the record for ever.

Bubbles is another upbeat track featuring some really infectious guitars. Andy Miller was on hand to write the track and he plays on a couple of other tracks on this album.

What’s Going On is another track to keep an eye on as the haunting saxophone on the song really packs a punch.

What’s Going On is a fantastic album from start to finish and there really isn’t a weak track on the record.

The Conspirators have produced hit song after hit song and they deserve to get a lot of praise and recognition for what they have produced.

The Conspirators - What’s Going On

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