Yes Sir Boss - Desperation State

Yes Sir Boss - Desperation State

Artist: Yes Sir Boss

Album: Desperation State

Label: Stone'd Records


Rating: 4/5

Earlier this year Yes Sir Boss grabbed everyone's attention with this EP Desperation State and this week they are back with a full length album of the same name.

The four tracks that featured on that EP feature on the album along with seven other new tracks.

Desperation State is the opening track on the album and it really is one of the best and most memorable songs on this record.

The track mixes Balkan Blues with indie rock and they just work so well together. Through in Matt Sellors' great vocal and you have a track that is difficult to forget.

Sellors has an incredibly unique sounding vocal and he is able to just bring a track to life by injecting an infectious energy into it.

Not Guilty follows a similar path but this time around there is more of a jazz feel to the song - it is great to see the band mixing different genres and sounds.

Pretty Thing is one of the early new tracks on the album and there is a real sultry feel to it that sounds so different to the opening three tracks.

Til You Get Yours sees a bit of a change in sound as there is a real venom in the vocal that you don't hear in the rest of the record.

This is another lyrically imaginative track and the pace really picks up when the guitars kick in in the chorus.

Desperation State is a fun album from start to finish and it really does build on the EP that they release earlier this year.

Yes Sir Boss just have a knack of writing and recording incredibly catchy and memorable songs and this album really cements that as a band to keep an eye on.

Yes Sir Boss - Desperation State is out now

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