Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas

From the outset, the jolly and catchy tunes of opening track 'Friendly Fire' will draw you in, but listening to the lyrics sees self-loathing and masochism that's a little strange when blended with the choppy backing track.

His vocals are there, but production on the tracks means they sometimes sound a little up and down, eerie at times and overworldly in second track 'Mantra', with hints of Kate Bush influence.

'Connection' - track three - seems to be the most stripped back of the four offered here, and that makes it his best. This guy's great when he's sat singing with guitar in hand.

Final track 'Bones' would sound great on the radio. It's perhaps the most 'public friendly' and could do well if given a single release.

'Burst To Life' is released Monday November 4, and will be available from Amazon, iTunes and Spotify as a 4-track download.

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