Jinnwoo 'Your Baby' EP

Based in Brighton, Jinnwoo started off his life in the music industry crafting folk songs, and sending bedroom demos to those in the business that he admired most.

The material he sent always saw replies, and all those he'd dreamed of working with were happy to jump onboard and get something together.

'Your Baby' is an EP that will take you on an emotional journey. The vocals and sounds on the title track aren't ones that are particularly my cup of tea, but they're persistently eerie and stick with you.

Second song 'Solo Man' is one that strikes a more positive chord with me. Jinnwoo sounds a little Ronan Keating at times and is joined by Alasdair Roberts who provides additional vocals that blend together perfectly.

'You Should Be Feeling This Elliott' is suprisingly catchy with an infectious beat that will have your toes tapping, before signing out song 'Sorrysong' is the stuff made to haunt you in your sleep.

He seems driven to get his message across and whilst there's a certain beauty about the pain through which he sings, his music is definitely an acquired taste.

It's not one I can see myself slipping into the CD player again anytime soon, but I can definitely see why some people would be a fan.

Jinnwoo's 'Your Baby' EP is released June 16.

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