Johnny Partridge is a man of many talents, tackling the world of showbusiness for over 30 years and getting a breakout role at the tender age of 16, in stage show Cats.

His latest move is to release an album of covers and three original songs, after taking a one-man show to the live stage last year, surprising himself with the success it saw.

And the result? A self-confessed eclectic mix that will have you hearing Nine Inch Nails lyrics before moving on to Dolly Parton. Somehow, it all comes together and works immensely.

Johnny has the ability to mix things up and ensure each song sounds like his own. The production choices made are perfect for the album and when he gets personal on 'Stop For A Minute' - inspired by his mother's current condition, suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia - his past pain and passion is driven right into the heart of the listener.

Believable at all times, you're implored to get invested in each of the stories being put across in these tunes - every one has a strong narrative and this is something that was evidently important to Johnny when it came to selecting what made it onto the record.

With just ten songs it's a quick but fantastic listen but, I want more. And more we will all get when Johnny returns to the studio for an album of all original material next year. I can't wait to see the result, and I'll be listening to 'Dames, Dudes + Cowboys Too' up until then.

'Dames, Dudes + Cowboys Too' is out Monday, September 15.

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