Kosheen - Solitude

Kosheen - Solitude

Kosheen. Whether you've heard of this British trio of singers or not, they're more than a force to be reckoned with.

Opening their new album 'Solitude' with the fantastically produced 'Save Your Tears', they prove that making an impact is certainly their forté. Genres aren't stuck to with these three - but instead blended and smashed together, resulting in fantastic beats and music that is truly unique.

Bewitching and captivating are just two words to describe lead singer Sian Evans (she's the voice on smash-hit single Louder from DJ Fresh), and when she's put on the backing of electronic and techno beats, magic is truly made.

Managing to hold you from start to finish, Kosheen deserve all the recognition in the world, as the album's close to perfection.

A few more vocals scattered throughout the record and they would've been truly on the money. That being said, it's a nice surprise when, in 'Observation', Sian does come back into the spotlight.

'Solitude' is out now through Kosheen/Membran Records.

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