Artist: Kosheen

Single: Spies

Label: Kosheen Recordings


Rating: 4/5

Kosheen first burst onto the scene in the nineties and since then they have always made music on their terms.

This week they are back with their new single Spies - which is taken for their great new album Independence.

Spies opens with a rather hypnotic synth and drum beat that immediately draws you in and gets you hooked.

This is an energetic dance track but it is tinged with a bit of darkness - these two elements really do go so well together.

The chorus merges into the verse without giving you a moment to breath and it just adds to the intensity of the track

There is a beautiful deepness to Sian Evans vocals throughout and she is really is on top form vocally as there is a richness that gives the track an added edge.

Spies is one of the best single releases from the band and it comes from an album that is not to be missed.

Kosheen - Spies is out now

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