Album Cover

Album Cover

Hayley Westenra is a classical singer from New Zealand with a soothing soprano voice. She has just released her sixth studio album titled Hushabye which is a collection of lullaby melodies and acoustic tracks dedicated to the upcoming arrival of the royal baby.

Hushabye comprises a careful selection of music that will soothe both children and adults.There are a total of thirteen covers of classic lullabies on the album.

The first track on the album is an enchanting cover of the classic lullaby All the Pretty Horses. The opening is peaceful humming of the classic melody and then there is a fingerpicking acoustic guitar with light strings that matches perfectly with the feeling of the song.

Westenra’s perfect rendition of the famous lyrics of ‘Hush-by, don't you cry, go to sleep a little baby’ will not only send the royal baby to sleep but will calm most adults to serenity too.

Hushabye Mountain also began as an idyllic lullaby and was featured in the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The song begins with the sound of a xylophone that resembles a wind up musical box. The music heightens as we hear the capability of the pitch perfect pipes of Westenra.

The third track is a cover of another popular ballad Dream a little Dream, with the flawless backing harmonies and familiar melody it is a faultless execution of the classic song, fit for the royal baby and other babies alike.

Sleep on is a song that has been specifically composed for the Duke and the Dutchess. Welsh composer Paul Mealor composed music for the royal couple on their wedding day, he teamed up with classical singer Hayley Westenra and they created a track in celebration of the upcoming arrival of a new royal.

The next track on the album is the widely popular nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle and the following track Go to Sleep acutally almost sent me to sleep, in a good way of course. Hayley Westenra’s sedative soprano vocals are beautiful and elegant.

The seventh track on the album is the famous Brahms Lullaby that sends shivers down the spine and is not only beautiful but inspirational too. Goodnight My Angel is the next song on the album, made famously by Billy Joel the lyrics ‘Goodnight my angel now it’s time to sleep and still so many things I want to say’ aligned with a delicate piano melody is nothing short of perfection. 

All Through the Night is another piano fuelled ballad that was originally sung in Welsh and Westenra displays her further talents as she sings one half of the song in English and half of the song in Welsh.   

Baby of Mine is the tenth track on the album and was originally sung by Betty Noyes in the Disney film Dumbo and was also sung by the classical group Celtic Woman. Hayley Westenra became a member of the Celtic Woman band in 2006 but left for a solo career a few short years later.

Hine E Hine is a Māori lullaby and was written by Princess Te Rangi Pai in 1907 and was covered by Hayley Westenra on her first album Pure in 2003.

When at Night is a song composed by German composer Engelbert Humperdinck and is the second to last track on the album. Driven by violins and brass instruments it is one of the most powerful ballads on the album.

Stay Awake is the final track on the album and is famously known for making an appearance in the film Mary Poppins. The soft and short lullaby is the perfect end to the album and lyrically draws the collection to a close.

Hayley Westenra is already a successful songbird in her genre but with this album she will definitely move many people with her calming and comforting sound.   


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