NOW That's What I Call Club Hits

NOW That's What I Call Club Hits

When you think of club hits, do The Saturdays, Jessie J and Ke$ha spring immediately to mind?

Probably not, but the songs provided on this collection by those artists and others like them certainly provide enough punch to get you dancing along to the beat.

That being said, while these tracks may not sound out of place in a student-filled club nowadays, it's far from the Cascada-esque dance hits that really could have shined here. In a bid to remain relevant and 'up-to-date', NOW have really missed their mark here.

Martin Garrix and Avicii are great additions to the compilation along with DJ Fresh and Chase & Status, but this hit-and-miss collection could certainly gain something from a major trim down. Three CDs are far too many and you may just find yourself highly disappointed halfway into the first.

Perhaps this should have been named 'NOW That's What I Call A Workout', because these tunes would go great alongside 30 minutes on the treadmill.

'NOW That's What I Call Club Hits' is released December 9.

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