'Dated' is a word that's often used in a negative sense, but here with brand new album 'Something In The Water', Pokey LaFarge manages to prove that you can breathe new life into a genre and style of music that has mostly found itself eradicated from the industry.

It's refreshing to see somebody rise to prominence with such a style. Blending retro country, blues, early jazz and ragtime together with a slice of western swing, the listener gets a feel of perhaps what it would be like to listen to this music live. The production from Jimmy Sutton alongside LaFarge allows each instrument to shine and add depth to the tracks - apparent in tracks such as 'Cairo, Illinois' and 'Bad Girl'.

There are plenty of fakers who try to tap into this sound to make a quick buck but it's obvious from the get-go that LaFarge is of the minority who actually enjoy indulging in their Midwestern roots. With a dozen songs to get through, this is a perfectly spaced out record which showcases LaFarge at his very best.

'Something In The Water' is an easy listen to an artist who is quite obviously passionate about his trade. Deserving of great success within his field, LaFarge could one day become one of the genre's greats - we just hope it's not too late in the game for his talent to flourish.

LaFarge's new album is out now following its initial release on Monday - find out more on his website pokeylafarge.net where you can also download the title track for free.

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