I haven't yet read or watched The Fault In Our Stars, but I certainly know many people who have and have some understanding about what to expect when the time does come around for me to indulge in the hype.

Director Josh Boone meets those who purchase the movie soundtrack with a message on the inside sleeve of the album booklet - a story about how one of his closest friends died of Stage IV lung cancer just before he made his first film.

All that next to a speech bubble floating on the sky blue background that reads 'That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.'

It's sure to resonate with every single person reading it. You'll be hard-pressed to find somebody whose life, family and/or friends haven't been affected by a vicious illness, turning worlds upside down every single day.

Ed Sheeran's familiar and soothing voice opens proceedings on the soundtrack, singing a tale of love that may be met with unavoidable obstacles but will come through it stronger with a little belief.

"I know these scars will bleed / But both of our hearts believe / All of these stars will guide us home"

Whether it's Jake Bugg's 'Simple As This' which details "falling, crashing, breaking / All the while you were stood here waiting / For me girl", or Kodaline's tragic 'All I Want' exploring the loss of a true love: "When you said your last goodbye / I died a little bit inside / I lay in tears in bed all night / Alone without you by my side", it's clear that though the message being driven across in this film is one of love, your emotions will be taken on an unstoppable rollercoaster of confliction, joy and despair before we reach its conclusion.

A cosmic element is added by STRFKR with 'While I'm Alive' and Indians who sound so hauntingly enchanting on 'Oblivion'. You do feel as if you're floating through the air for a short while. There's such an ease about listening to the melodies and calming vocals that it's hard not to be whisked away completely.

We're brought back down to earth with Afasi & Filthy's 'Bomfalleralla'. I'm not entirely sure why such a seemingly aggressive track is included here; it could be used as a portrayal of the anger we all harbour toward terminal illness, or the way in which an illness can come in at any moment and ground everything if we're to look at the collection of music in a narrative way.

Ray LaMontagne ensures us "Not all of life is cruel / Not all of life is so untrue" on the following track 'Without Words', but it's the highly emotional 'Not About Angels' from Birdy that's sure to bring the tears.

Everything about The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack is raw, unique and above all else, real. It's got that ability to touch everybody who hears a note because of the high level of relatability and it's this that should be recorded.

A stellar roster of artists have been brought together and it's hard to imagine how this could have been done any better. It's gut-wrenching yet uplifting. It's emotional and a way to drive yourself to get the most out of life. And all this from a collection of music. It does exactly what music should do. It makes you feel.

The Fault In Our Stars - Music From The Motion Picture is out now through Atlantic Records.

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