After some massive success in America, Young The Giant are releasing their brand new album 'Mind Over Matter' here in the UK, giving the British a chance to wallow in the talents on offer with production from Justin Meldal-Johnsen and mixing skills by Rich Costey.

Flowing perfectly from the first few seconds of 'Slow Dive' which takes us up to the highest platform before shoving us off into a joyous and rock-infused 53 minutes, the group have the ability to sound fresh on each and every track.

Opening up with 'Anagram', 'It's About Time' and 'Crystallized', they take alternate pop to a level that anybody can access and open up enough to allow a host of fans in who may have been wary about wading into this genre.

When we reach song number 7 - 'Firelight' - things slow down a bit and get a little simple. It's nice to see the versatility of the band shine through and the harmonies are truly something to admire, whilst we also get the chance to sit back and give the lyricism the time it deserves to stand out. It's a little too long at five and a half minutes, but it's clear to see just why the decision was made to allow the track to fade out in time rather than cutting it off prematurely.

That pace stays the same for throwaway tune 'Camera', but the flame is reignited almost instantly when 'In My Home' kicks in. Unfortunately, it's extinguished once more when 'Eros' fails to bring forth the same feelings conjured up in the former half of the record.

'Teachers' and 'Waves' do manage to salvage some of what we had before Young The Giant sign off with final tune 'Paralysis', a song that leaves listeners smiling and happy they've indulged in such a varied collection of music.

With just a couple of blips on a fairly steady ride, Young The Giant need to be praised for their lyrics, vocals and instrumental. They're different enough to stand out from the crowd and do well to engage with those who may not have heard their music before.

'Mind Over Matter' is out now.

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