Alexandra Burke is back after months and months of speculation, with a brand new track that showcases a very different style... and one that's just not as good as the usual.

Here she's tried to reinvent herself, but for the first minute or so of the track she sounds nasally - as if she's singing through her nose - and the chorus sounds like a Kelly Rowland/Ciara knock-off that was tossed aside and somehow found its way back into the light of day.

Forgettable and uninspired, 'Renegade' isn't going to go down as the song that gives Alexandra the huge comeback she so desires. It's sad to see such an incredible talent go down this route, but until she releases something that's reminiscent of her earlier work and truly puts her vocal chords to the test, she's going to continue on a downward trajectory.

After being given such a long period of time to come up with something astounding, this is nothing short of disappointing. We wouldn't have minded waiting just that little bit longer for something that packs more of a punch.

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