Sandie Shaw is back after working on a collaboration with Neil Davidge for new single 'Riot Pictures', out Monday October 6.

Both haunting and mesmerising, Sandie is on top form as she continues her reign as one of the most powerful and emotive voices in the industry.

Sandie Shaw and Neil Davidge

The tune itself comes off quite spiritual. Floaty melodies go alongside a tender and still sore subject matter following the UK's major rioting in 2011. What's the story being told here? I don't think I'm 100% sure, but it's certainly making me think a lot about the youth of today.

We can help pave the way so that this type of behaviour isn't made more prevelant going forward. There's a reason the 2011 riots were so shocking - they're not the norm. We shouldn't want them to be the norm. Though it's great to stand up for what you believe in, there's always a line.

'Riot Pictures' is an intriguing and slightly unsettling few minutes, but a great track and one that certainly deserves to do well.

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