It's been 15 years since I last saw The Corrs live so I was keen to witness how they have matured as a band after a long hiatus.

The Corrs

The Corrs

The family band opened with the first track of their new album I Do What I Like and their sound was a faultless; as if you were listening to one of their albums. Every single band member was on top form and it was like they had never been away.

Our seats were high up so we could enjoy the reaction of the fans in the seats immediately in front of the stage. As the band treat us to some of their back catalogue including Only When I Sleep, Radio and Queen of Hollywood, people were up from their seats, dancing and singing along in the aisles and right by the stage. Clearly The Corrs have not lost their following but merely gained momentum by taking a break for 10 years.

As they performed Runaway it was quite a sight to behold, as fans took out their phones and waved their torches around in the darkness of the vast arena. Andrea asked us all to sing along and of course none of us had forgotten the words.

Andrea thanked fans for coming from Ireland, Germany and Mexico to see them, which is testament to the worldwide popularity of the band.

In my interview with Sharon Corr she said how age and experience has helped them to be more understanding of each other than ever before and it showed. They made each performance look easy- like a well-oiled machine they proved there is something unique and special about working with your family.

The set was minimalistic- a set of globe lights were lowered during the Bring on the Night and picturesque images were projected onto the backdrop during Ellis Island. This is a band that doesn't have to rely on extravagant lighting effects and complicated stage layouts- the raw talent was mirrored in the simplistic nature of their background selection.

I found the whole experience very emotional as I have been fan since I was 15 years old and their music has always brought me great joy in dark times. Seeing them live reminded me of the strength their music has given me over the years when sometimes I was unable to find it anywhere else.

I will forever treasure being able to see them again and I hope that it won't be the last time I do.

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