THE DUTCHESS IS FLYIN’ FIRST CLASS WITH NEW SINGLE GLAMOROUS Released on the 19th MarchThe delicious Fergie releases Glamorous, the second single from her platinum selling album The Dutchess. Glamorous - featuring rap sensation Ludacris - explains that the glamorous life, well, isn’t quite all it’s cut out to be… ‘Wear them gold and diamond rings, all them things don't mean a thing…I’m no queen, I’m no machine…’. All our Fergie wants to do is chill with her family …sipping and reminiscing on days when she had a Mustang. And who can blame her? Everyone knows that money can’t buy you love…Fergie has sold almost 3 million copies of her solo debut album The Dutchess and had a #1 single in the US. Her debut single London Bridge hit #3 in the UK charts. Now get ready to fly first class with new single Glamorous…

The track AND video are available for just £1.89 NOW on iTunes Out 19th March - CD with exclusive B side.

Digital bundle with another exclusive B side available now.Fergie

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