The brilliant 22 release their Double Disc Debut Album ‘Flux’ on CD/DVD August 6th via Best Before Records Featuring 12 studio tracks & 10 LIVE Performance Videos

 As a band with more ideas, musical directions and downright brilliance than most bands go through in a life time, the outstanding 22 are now releasing their debut album, ‘Flux’, on August 6th through Best Before Records (The Chapman Family, Johnny Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd). As well as the 12 audio album tracks, ‘Flux’ will also have a very special, live performance DVD of album and bonus tracks.

Shot by Director Luke Bellis of Agile Films, the live footage goes quite someway to show what an extraordinary live performance 22 deliver, and a different side to their raw and energetic live performances.

The underlying message behind ‘Flux’ is that of finding your balance amidst turmoil and severe changes. It is about letting go of the notion that if something is static and predictable, then it is safe.

As guitarist Magnus explains; "The world is going through some quite dramatic changes, and that is of course reflected in each and every one's personal life. If you base your tomorrow on your yesterday, it is going to be quite painful to go through all these changes. Flux offers some sparks and hints on how to surf the waves of change, rather than drowning in them."

Despite their high powered and highly technical music, Magnus is incredibly modest:" None of us are schooled musicians, only half of us even finished college. So we don't really know what we are playing, we just strive to express something undefined that we collectively feel wants to come to life through us. "

For the DVD 'The Pool Sessions', the band entered The Pool studios in South London and used the equipment they had to hand. It all happened there and then and is as close and accurate an audiovisual document of the band on that day as is possible. As Magnus further explains: "22 is all about synergy.

Synergy amid the members of the band and also between the band and the listener. We like to keep our music "open" enough as to let the listener connect the dots themselves, and find their own patterns. This is meant literally as in the use of polymetric and polyrythmic arrangements, and also metaphorically as in what kind of stories and emotions are conveyed and perceived through the music. "

The bands range of influences are quite personal and unique for each band member. Magnus' favourite guitar player is Joni Mitchell, while Fox listens mostly to heavy side-chained electronic music.

Mats has a hardcore background with references to Blood Brothers and Refused, while Andreas is more immersed in the world of Tool, Meshuggah and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

LIVE wise, 22 have toured and conquered most of Europe, as well as headlining festivals across Norway, Japan and the UK. They have JUST returned from a triumphant 2nd tour of Japan ( including the 25,000 punter Arabaki Festival and a sold out headline show in Tokyo), played at The Camden Crawl in London and a UK headline tour ending the weekend of The Great Escape in May .

After the tour, they played a special, competition winner only Pledge fan show on May 14th in London, their last UK show until after the summer. The band has also recently toured across Europe with Guano Apes (as main support) and the UK with Arcane Roots (again, as main support).