Beyond Betrayal

Beyond Betrayal

Melodic Metalcore unit Beyond Betrayal nationally unveil their stunning brand new EP 'Money Can’t Save You Now' on 27th August and prepare for UK touring.  

Rendering influence from an array of quarters, from the groove of Parkway Drive, to the power of Bring Me The Horizon, right through to the technical proficiency of I Killed the Prom Queen, Beyond Betrayal have astutely managed to bond the enticing elements of death prog and metalcore, and modify and compress them down to meld their own amalgamated sound.  

Born and formed out of Barrow in Furness in 2009, Beyond Betrayal are comprised of: Vincent Dickinson (Vocals), Arron Twinney (Bass), Scott Shields (Guitar), Tom Fisher (Guitar), and Jake Newton (Drums).

Beyond Betrayal’s sound merges full-throttle rhythmic patterns with ball-busting riffery, all compactly adjoined by alluring melodies and measured dynamism.

Their sturdy sound has been sharpened widely during the past 12 months, as the death crew stepped up to the plate and reshaped their line-up with an onslaught of extensive rehearsals and a series of successful shows throughout the whole of the North West.  

Now after much anticipation, the fast-rising noise upstarts nationally drop their sophomore EP ‘'Money Can’t Save You Now’ on Monday 27th August.

The record, mastered by Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead & The Ghost Inside), captures the band as they are best heard, live and in your face. Bursting with brutal riffs and jack hammer beats, Beyond Betrayal have managed to hammer down their live energy to tape and have recorded their new EP just the way they wanted.

From the unbridled vigour and standout craft of ‘November’ through to the brutal drive of ‘Scott’s Got A Time Machine (He Told Me Tomorrow)’, which is rammed with edgy riffs, gang vocals, and engaging blastbeats, 'Money Can’t Save You Now’ is a record that showcases a band that will be a prominent force in the UK metal scene, so just watch them rise.