Blessed By A Broken Heart

Blessed By A Broken Heart

Shred-metal adventurers Blessed By A Broken Heart are charging forth with a new glam-tastic tour de force, 'Feel the Power', out January 23rd on Tooth & Nail / Rude Records.

In anticipation of the release, band has released today the first single, 'Forever'

'Forever' is available for digital purchase today for fans who don’t want to wait that long to own a piece of 'Feel The Power', which is set to drop in stores and online January 23rd.

'Forever' is indicative of the type of pulse-rasing, headbang-inducing, '80s-influenced rock assault that Blessed will deliver on their Tooth & Nail / Rude Records debut.

'Feel the Power', the follow-up to the band's celebrated 2008 album 'Pedal to the Metal' (Century Media), sees the band shrugging off metalcore trappings in favor of something more heartfelt.

The band is at the same time giving fans a first glimpse at the album's tracklisting (listed below), as well as the artwork, reminiscent of the space-punk apocalypse for which BBABH's music is the perfect soundtrack.

"The whole band is still obsessed with the ’80s, and that's bled into our lifestyles. It's not just when we're on tour: We all kind of dress ’80s; we still have mullets. It's become part of our lives,' explains singer Tony Gambino.

'On the last album, we used more of the cheesy side of the ’80s, and this album we used a little more of the mature side. It's a little less fluff, a lot less cheese, a little more serious.

'We’ve kind of gone a little more classic metal and heavy rock ‘n’ roll. It's real organic how it all came together," he adds. "We're not in this to follow the trends... we're in it to do what we love.'

Feel The Power Track List

1. Deathwish
2. Shut Up and Rock
3. Love Nightmare
4. Forever
5. Thunder Dome
6. Holdin' Back For Nothin'
7. I've Got You
8. Rockin' All Night
9. Scream It Like You Mean It
10. Skate or Die
11. Innocent Blood
12. Sleepless Nights