Rising UK rock upstarts ‘Depth’ are braced to up the ante with a full blown UK touring assault and blistering new EP ‘Waiting For The Waves’, due for national release on 29th October through all digital stores.

Coalescing the old school metal riffery of Iron Maiden with the contagious nonce and craft of A Day To Remember and Killswitch Engage, Depth have cultivated a sound that will blow your face clean off.

The infectious riff merchants have all the right tools in place to set loose their spanking new record ‘Waiting For the Waves’, as they bring their party to the pit this summer.

Originally spawned in 2006, Depth spent their early years cutting their teeth in their parent’s garages carving out a hat full of cover versions.

Fast forward to the present day, and the spirited four-piece have expeditiously sharpened their own song-writing prowess, and are now an experienced touring Post-hardcore unit.

For the past four years, Depth have shredded their fair share of tarmacs throughout the heart of the UK and have joined stages with the likes of The Undertones, My Passion, Exit Ten, Don Broco, and Everything Burns.

During this time, the quartet also unleashed their highly impressive debut album ‘Situations Fulfilled’ to much critical acclaim. Snaring national praise from many quarters, from Kerrang! Magazine and Rocksound, through to Big Cheese and XFM, the record helped the band to amass a dedicated fan-base.

Depth now stride onwards with a monstrous follow-up to their debut album. Their new EP ‘Waiting For The Waves’ oozes soaring hooks and rip-roaring riffage, and gleams with honesty and raucous energy.

The record instantly sprints out of the blocks and springs into life with the rampant ‘All I Know’. It then suitably kicks on with the anthemic muscular beatings of the EP’s title track ‘ Waiting For The Waves, before it caps off the EP with the melody-soaked refrains of ‘Whispers’, that aided by ear-shattering pounding rhythms will remain permanently fixated in your head.

With further touring in the works for the late summer/autumn period in support of the EP and imminent recording in the pipeline, Depth are ready to rise.