Fans Of Faye - Designed To Be

Fans Of Faye - Designed To Be

Designed To Be is the alluring debut album from Stourbridge’s Fans of Faye.

Like many young outfits, Fans of Faye has been through many name changes. But in the winter of 2004, a dear friend and inspiration to the bandå, Faye, tragically lost her life in a car crash.

She was the catalyst for their youthful passion for writing and so her premature death sealed the band’s moniker as a lasting testimony.

Despite FoF’s average age of only 22, this engaging 12-track stock is the product of the best part of a decade. Opting to shun a hasty introduction onto the national scene, FoF instead focussed on the Midlands gig circuit.

This local live focus has been rewarded with a strong and loyal fan-base, who in return have seen them support the likes of Versa Emerge, Francesqa, Natives and The Casting Out.