Forever Came Calling

Forever Came Calling

To say Forever Came Calling blazed their own trail out of 29 Palms, CA would be an understatement.

The road to ‘Contender’ (released 24th September 2012 on Pure Noise), was chock full of basement shows, DIY tours and relentless self promotion.

The band’s story is certainly unique as they went from hawking burned CDs on the ‘10 Warped Tour to to being a focal point in the storyline of the Vans shoes documentary shot that year, entitled ‘No Room For Rockstars’.

Their debut full length is is equal parts angsty pop punk mixed with well crafted and thought out rock structures. The record clearly plays homage to early 2000’s emotional punk rock but with a more aggressive delivery.

‘Contender’ is a statement that hard work really does pay off, even if you’re from a small town in the middle of nowhere.


1. Learning
2. For The Wolves
3. Harbours
4. The Office
5. Ides
6. If Bukowski Could See Me Now
7. I’ll Be Better I Promise
8. Front Porch Sunrise
9. Contender
10. Dead Poets Honor