Gay For Johnny Depp

Gay For Johnny Depp

Less a greatest hits set and more a badly-edited VHS clip compilation of your favourite squirt-shots, New York quartet Gay For Johnny Depp return to release career-spanning retrospective Manthology and tour the UK’s tawdry grief-holes.

As I was just saying earlier to Ramone, my Malaysian house boy – he’s mute, but he’s very attentive - Manthology should finally clear up all the  great questions once and for all, not just about the shady entity known as Gay For Johnny Depp, but about life itself, for example: who are we? Where are we going? And why are we here? (The answers of course being: humans / to bed to fuck / for endless, unfettered pleasure).

The Bible and the Koran are OK, but Manthology is better.

An utterly indulgent compilation with the sub-title, ‘A Tireless Exercise in Narcissism Featuring Gay for Johnny Depp’s Excellent Cadavers’, Manthology brings together Gay For Johnny Depp’s entire recorded output to date on one bit of plastic so cheap and so culturally devalued – that would be a compact disc - it currently has all the artistic value and credibility of a used jimmy hat resting on the end of your bedstead, in an airless room, in direct sunlight.

Nevertheless: it is still the greatest collection of music ever recorded – of that we are all agreed. This will be confirmed in person during November and December 2009 when Gay For Johnny Depp attempt to keep us all warm in the winter when they tour their second home, the United Kingdom.

So what’s the small print, uncle? Manthology features the band’s two highly-sought after EPs Erotically Charged Dance Songs for the Desperate (2004) and Blood: The Natural Lubricant (2005), their debut album The Politics of Cruelty (2007), brand new EP The Ski Mask Orgy (2009), a remix of their single ‘Shh, Put The Shiv To My Throat’ by Blacksmoke (who have also remixed everyone from A-Ha to Emperor) and tracks from a very rare tour single, of which only 100 copies ever existed. Geek out!

The cover art-work was photographed by Bert Queiroz, whose pictures of bands such as Bad Brains, Fugazi and Dag Nasty are some of punk rock’s most definitive. This one features a portrait of hero of the underground Ian Svenonius at a younger age.

Triple Threat Tour 09 with Blakfish and Outcry Collective


25 GLASGOW Ivory Blacks
26 MANCHESTER Satan's Hollow
28 SHEFFIELD Leadmill
29 YORK Fibbers
30 NEWCASTLE The Cluny 2