It seems a new generation of rockers are making their way onto the music scene, everyone from The Vaccines, Arctic Monkeys and The Wombats are flying the flag for the uber cool, trendy, and surprising good looking bands that are hot on the tail of the classic rockers right now.

Introducing Grace, a four piece band who have the looks, catchy songs and the creditability of fantastic musician to match. Having worked with Chris Hughes (Adam Ant, Jon Bon Jovi, and Sir Paul McCartney) the band have brought a classic rock edge and teamed it with killer harmonies without losing the effortlessly smooth vocals.

It has the sort of bouncy bass line that could be the sound of summer.

Stealing Kisses is the new EP that takes the listener on a whirlwind of romance in true Romeo and Juliet style, but despite the edgy and alluring lyrics about temptation in relationships it is massively uplifting and highly addictive.

‘Sit back; hold tight, we’re here all night’ is patently the motto that Grace will live by in order to see them step up to the major leagues this time next year.