Heart of a Coward - Hope & Hindrance

Heart of a Coward - Hope & Hindrance

The highly anticipated album of 2012 is here and ready to annihilate everything and everyone in its path.

Hope & Hindrance, the debut album from UK based Heart of a Coward, has been almost two years in the making after numerous hurdles that were thrown in the bands path. The band have battled on and in result to this, created a masterpiece.

Already one of the UK's favourites amongst music fans and industry, it is no surprise that this album will firmly weld the band's place securely where they belong, at the top!

Alongside the debut album, the band also announce a brand new guitarist to complete the unity and offer a stage show that is better than ever before.

After recent performances including Hevy festival 2011 causing complete havoc, it has left Heart of a Coward as one of the UK's hottest prospects, leading to tours with the likes of Heights, not to mention some very special announcements to come later this year.

Release date | May 28th 2012