Having recently signed to US label Soundmine Musicworks, ‘Consciousness. Fame. God. Money. Power.’ is the first label release album from US rockers Hierosonic.

Following the release of their new single, ‘The Media Taught You That’, the album will be released in the UK on 21st May 2012.

Originally formed in 2002 out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by frontman Ben: Stewart, guitarist Jarred Cannon, bassist Mike Stang, keyboardist Brandon Kroster and drummer Randy Elmy, Hierosonic ‘s career has spanned more than 9 years and several hundred live shows, establishing the band as a staple of America’s underground rock scene.

Like their name, Hierosonic are much more than meets the eye. Consisting of the Greek 'Hieros' (sacred) and the Latin-evolved 'Sonic' (sound), they have a message to go with their music, and new album ‘Consciousness. Fame. God. Money. Power.’, has no shortage of thought-provoking anthems, dirty bass lines and infectious pop hooks.

In order to fully understand Hierosonic, you must first delve into the philosophy of lead singer & lyricist Ben: Stewart. The world is crying for change and he provides a riddle to unravel in return in which, ultimately, freedom is embraced rather than fought.

Through his 'internet hit' documentary films, Ben bridges the gap between the philosophy and his music with Hierosonic.

His films afford him the opportunity to speak at festivals around the world. Having been viewed nearly 15million times on internet video portals, his work 'Kymatica' won 'Best Scientific Film ' in the in 2009 new York Independent Film Festival. The philosophy of Ben’s films is simple: Art as a vehicle for change. Not simply change in our world, but in our minds.

'If the sky were twice as tall, it still wouldn’t be enough to fit the potential of human consciousness burning with inspiration. And if there is a frontline for this revolution of art, I will be there on both sides', says Ben:Stewart.

But as the band’s bassist Mike Stang is quick to point out, Hierosonic is not a band trying to force its moral advice on you, "A lot of other bands are real preachy about their message, but Ben just presents information to make sure people are conscious of what's going on."

On the subject of Hierosonic’s debut single, ‘The Media Taught You That’, Ben:Stewart said, 'People use this portal, this box that sits in the corner of the room, to do for us what the windows on the walls used to.

'The windows peer into the real world, and the box peers into our psyche. Thirsty for controversy.  Hungry for extremes. Always at war with itself.  Never satisfied. That's a reflection of people, not the world. A reflection of our mind, nothing else.

'The media shows us one thing truthfully, and that is our desire to consume this world before it consumes us.'

When it came to the actual shooting of the single’s  video, which was directed by Joseph Rivera and featuring Anthony Burulcich of The Bravery, bassist Mike Stang admits playing unplugged in front of a green screen wasn't easy at first, 'but you just have to jam out and be all Milli Vanilli about it!'

'We didn't really know what to expect, but the outcome was great."

Looking to build on the momentum gained in the US during 2011, Hierosonic will soon be announce their first ever European tour dates to support the release of 'Consciousness. Fame. God. Money. Power.'