Hopes Die Last

Hopes Die Last

Rome's melodic metallers Hopes Die Last will set the 2012 bar sky high with the release of their phenomenal sophomore full length 'Trust No One' on 13 February in Europe.

Signed to the highly esteemed US based Standby Records, the label who brought us Black Veil Brides, Hopes Die Last are already creating massive waves state-side and Europe alike.

Their  UK / Euro tour at the back of 2011 with Attack Attack! (US) turned so many heads that demand for the new album has been insane, with their stunning new videos 'Unleash Hell' and 'Never Trust The Hazel Eyed' clocking in over 100k views in a matter of weeks.

The band walk a tight rope of beauty and brutality with a unique balance of melody and sheer ferociousness.

Songs like 'Unleash Hell' and 'Never Trust The Hazel Eyed' are simply brilliant, and the ingenious cover of Katy Perry’s 'Firework' - a huge internet hit last year - showcases the band's quirky talent for creating the unexpected.

Hopes Die Last have created a perfect formula with their combination songwriting skill, power and dynamics, but they are constantly evolving and have no fear of experimentation.

The album's closer 'Keep Your Hands Off' retains the HDL signature sound but introduces layers of euphoric and pounding electronica courtesy of Nekso, creating a genre molding epic.

The band have just put out another banging collaboration with Nekso called 'Here Comes Nero', check it out here:

Album Track listing:

1 - Never trust the hazel eyed
2 - Sidney shown
3 - Unleash hell
4 - Life after me life after you
5 - The blue
6 - Bill's got only a pair of queens
7 - This song plays suicide
8 - Air raid siren
9 - Firework (Katy Perry cover)
10 - The same old fears
11 - Icarus (halfway across the sky)
12 - Keep your hands off (feat. Nekso)

Hopes Die Last will be touring Europe extensively in support of the album; dates to be announced shortly. "Trust No One" will be released on Standby Records on 13 February 2012.