Hailing from Essex, UK, andalready gaining a huge reputation for their explosive live performances and an experimentalsound that merges punk rock with a unique dance edge, Hounds are set to release theirbrand new EP ‘The Wicked’ on June 4th 2012.  

Recently added to the stellar line up of Download Festival this June, the four-piece of Olly Burden, ChasLangston, Adam Hammond and Chris Wallace deliver distinctive anarchic vocalswith intense drumming, big synths and dirty bass lines, influenced bya range of iconic groups, from The Clash to Nine Inch Nails, Refused to TheProdigy.

2010 saw Houndshand-picked by The Prodigy to play Warrior’s Dance Festival at Milton KeynesBowl and also dubbed as a BBC ‘One to Watch’ following an ‘Introducing’ livesession. 'Hounds are f*kin greatlive, that’s why we put them on our festival' said Liam Howlett ofThe Prodigy. 

The band wenton to play Sonisphere festival in 2011 before supporting Does It Offend YouYeah? on their UK tour, playing all over the UK to huge crowds, as well asheadlining Manchester’s Studio venue for 'In The City' that same year.

The crossoverin the band’s sound has seen breakbeat and dance DJs queuing up to work withHounds and remix their tracks, including Belarus acts 4Kuba and Access Deniedas well as UK drum n bass favourite Spor.

It has also led to legendary Swedishproducers Pelle Henricsson and Eskli Lovstrom, most famous for their work onRefused's seminal album 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', co-producing and mixing 'InYour Eyes' for Hounds.

Confirmation of the group's ever-burgeoning success came this yearwhen they were selected byO2 to work with them on their recent Fair Share music initiative, featuring intheir new campaign for priority booking for gigs.

'This EP is just a taster of what’s to come. It’s a snap shotof where we are at right now and just enough to whet the appetite whilst wecook up the next release.' Olly Burden - Hounds   With a seriously infectious sound andnot-to-be-missed live performances, 2012 is the year to watch out for Hounds.


31st May London Sebright Arms (EP Launch Show)

8th June Donnington Park  Download Festival