Since forming under the name Drowned in 1996, InMe jettisoned from playing venues as small as the London Barfly to the much-missed London Astoria within an alarmingly short time, supported by the kind of dedicated fanbase that most bands can only dream of.

Through four studio albums and endless tours they have suffered highs and lows but have always been stubbornly focused on progressing musically and the heavy, yet melodic technical layers of 2009’s ‘Herald Moth’ album saw them hitting a peak in phase one of their career. Thus, now seems like the right time to asses that band’s work so far with the September  27th release of ‘Phoenix – The Best Of InMe’ through Graphite Records.

“People worry that a 'Best Of' signals the end of a band but this merely feels like the beginning of a new chapter for us.” explains frontman Dave McPherson. "With 'Phoenix' it was incredibly important for us as a band to choose the songs for the collection with no outside influence as we didn't want to just put out a run of the mill greatest hits album.

We didn't necessarily choose the highest charting singles or most well known songs, we obviously chose some songs that have defined our career up until this point but also included the songs we're most passionate about. There are 3 brand new songs within the track listing entitled 'Saccharine Arcadia', 'Bury Me Deep Beneath Your Skin' & 'Thanks For Believing Me' which not only make the album more interesting & fresh for us but are also easily 3 of our best songs yet and are most certainly going to be the catalyst for a few sweaty bruises in the not too distant future!”

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. SAFE IN A ROOM                         
2. NOVA ARMADA                                        
3. MYTHS & PHOTOGRAPHS                           
4. UNDERDOSE                                            
6. ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE                               
7. CRACKING THE WHIP                               
8. FIREFLY                                                  
9. THANKS FOR BELIEVING ME                     
10. SINGLE OF THE WEAK                            
11. CRUSHED LIKE FRUIT                             
12. THANKS FOR LEAVING ME                      
13. FASTER THE CHASE                             
14. CHAMBER