Lord of the Lost - Antagony

Lord of the Lost - Antagony

"We Are The Lost!" - with said battle cry of a song the new album from Hamburg-based Dark-Alternative-Metal-sextet Lord Of The Lost kicks off.

Fronted by charismatic singer Chris 'The Lord' Harms, Lord Of The Lost are back with their 2nd album which is the follow up to last year's debut album 'Fears!'

What about the often-feared 'difficult second album'-syndrome? Antagony feels like nothing of the sort.

Quite the contrary: everything is bigger, more versatile, catchier and more coherent.

The band builds upon the debut album’s foundation which mixed Gothic, Metal and electronics elements, propels this versatile genre-mix to a wholly new level and manages to create a thrilling concept album that embeds the everlasting conflict of the constant lure of the abysses humanity has to face versus the perfidious cleanliness of religious endeavour into an array of smashing tunes.

Don’t you worry: Antagony rocks just as massively as its predecessor Fears! The irresistible interplay of dark atmosphere, aggressive guitar riff-walls, fat electronics, sex and glamour has turned out significantly more intense this time around.

Lord Of The Lost: Straight to your heart and straight in your face!