OFF! are offering a sneak preview of songs from their forthcoming self-titled album via this behind the scenes studio video that Noisey shot.

In a creative pace to match the breathless vehemence of their music, punk/hardcore luminaries OFF! have announced the follow up to their much heralded debut First Four EPs will arrive in the form of a self-titled full length May 7th, 2012 from Vice Records.

Barreling through sixteen high intensity tracks in as many minutes, the album demonstrates the LA quartet had still further to ratchet up their visceral sonic maelstrom, delivering a 'dark party' soundtrack of unleashed exasperation and bitterness executed with a rigorous precision that more than lives up to the cavalcade of accolades heaped upon them so far by the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian, NPR, Kerrang!, LA Times, among many others.

In conjunction with the impending release the band have announced several European dates with more to follow.

Full Tracklisting

1. Wiped Out

2. I Got News For You

3. Elimination   

4. Cracked          

5. Wrong

6. Borrow And Bomb

7. Toxic Box

8. Man From Nowhere  

9. Jet Black Girls

10. King Kong Brigade   

11. Harbor Freeway Blues           

12. Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt            

13. Vaporized

14. 503 

15. Zero For Conduct

16. I Need One (I Want One)