Presley Johnson

Presley Johnson

With tones echoing the love of British 60’s culture, Presley Johnson’s diverse take on Rock n Roll is by far the most head turning of its kind.

With a backbone of vintage Drums, undercut by a thumping bass Drive it sets the foundations for its tight rhythmic flow of guitars and keyboards, and as the Harmonious wall of vocals come into effect it creates a sound that’s impossible to ignore.

Eclectically Influenced by Blues, Country and Folk music, Presley Johnson raise the bar when it comes to performing live, and create a gigantic sound that grabs the attention of any audience.

After releasing their self titled debut album on independent label Stalkers Records in 2011, Presley Johnson have played a countless number of shows including some of the flagship London venues and several shows in Marburg, Germany.

They are currently recording there 2nd album set to be released before the end of the year.

Don’t miss out on their live shows over the next few months including :

30th June -The Lamplighter, Northampton

7th July -Dublin Castle, Camden

14th July - Labour Club, Northampton

20th October -Oxjam, Leicester