Sing It Loud

Sing It Loud

Breakout Minneapolis pop-rock group Sing It Loud will be releasing their hotly anticipated sophomore album, Everything Collide, on May 10 via Epitaph Records.

Made up of Pat Brown, Kieren Smith, Nate Flynn, Ben Peterson and Chris Lee, the quintet entered Studio Melmac in Minneapolis in the fall of 2009 with producer/engineer/mixer Jordan Schmidt at the helm. The result is thirty-seven minutes of undeniable, chart-worthy pop-rock hits that will please their fans and have new listeners falling head-over-heels for them soon.

“I know many bands say this but we wanted to make an album that would stand out from all of the bands releasing albums in our genre and I truly feel like we went above and beyond that expectation,” explains frontman Pat Brown.

“We also wanted to create an album that you can listen to from front to back that is strong and dynamic all the way through, which I feel doesn't happen enough these days.  I remember listening to bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, Less Than Jake, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, bands I would listen to their albums over and over and over from track one until the end.  That's what I think people will do with Everything Collide.”

A follow-up to 2008’s beloved debut Come Around, Everything Collide features eleven mega-anthemic pop-rock hits like “Sugar Sweet,” “Addicted to When You’re Gone” and “Light It Up,” combining the band’s memorable lyrics and alluring melodies with rock infused guitars, warm buzzing keys and bounding rhythm on the perfect soundtrack for coming of age in an endless summer.

“Fans can expect an honest album with summer jams, fast songs, slow songs, acoustic songs, love songs and dark songs,” adds Brown.  “All of the songs on Everything Collide are written about 100 percent personal experience.  There are songs about our hometown, our friends, falling in love, getting your heart broken and even one about forgiving people you used to hate.  There isn't one song that you won't be able to relate to on Everything Collide."

Primed to take over as pop-rock’s next biggest act, Sing It Loud are ready to shine with their latest release, Everything Collide.

Everything Collide Tracklisting:

1.       Sugar Sweet - 2:59
2.       Thunderstorms - 3:48
3.       Here With You - 3:04
4.       Only One - 3:22
5.       Addicted To When You're Gone - 3:12
6.       Shadows - 3:22
7.       Believe in Me - 4:07
8.       Light it Up - 3:12
9.       Letting Go - 4:05
10.   I Can't - 2:44
11.   Wonder Why - 3:27