Spark Will Be Headlining Club Nme At Koko - Friday 1st April

Working with arranger/producer Peter Vettese the duo crafted a catchy, clattering synth-driven song called ‘Shut Out The Moon’ within their first week of working together.

 Sweet Jess had been replaced by Spark, an exuberant, electro-loving teen who sang like a cross between Kate Bush and Debbie Harry had they been discovered twenty-five years later. ‘Shut Out The Moon’ would later be released as a limited edition vinyl single and digital download that would be triumphed by Rob da Bank at Radio 1 and playlisted at XFM.

As for the name, it’s more than a meaningless moniker. Jess’ middle name is – hand on heart -Sparkle.

“No one believes that,” she sighs, pointing out that her three brothers and sisters all have normal names. “Sparkle came from my dad. I was born in water and he said the first time he saw me, I sparkled.

I know it’s cringey, but it has proved useful. I could never choose a random name like Lady Gaga. It had to sum me up because that’s what my songs do. They sum up how I feel when I sing them. How’s that? Happy. Just me being me and having fun.”