The Duel

The Duel

Hailing from London Town, UK rockers, The Duel, release their eagerly awaited album ‘Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story)’, on 24th September 2012.

Harnessing influences spanning from an array of sources, but largely from punk-rock heroes such as ‘The Clash’, ‘Iggy and the Stooges’, and ‘Patti Smith’, the Duel fuse the strident passion of authentic punk pinned against a modern-day urban backdrop. The band’s sound is as alluring as it is compelling, and springs right up, deserving attention.

Originally born back in 2001 as a formidable duo featuring the engaging vocals of Tara Rez and the creative alchemy of keyboardist/bassist Andy Theirum, the two-piece worked the London scene hard before expanding their line-up and their horizons.

The Duel’s very first punk show came when the band supported the mighty ‘Dead Kennedys’. From there, extensive gigging ensued before the UK rockers went into the recording studio in late 2006 to commence work for their debut album 'Let's Finish What We Started'.

The record was released in 2007 and in 2009 the band unleashed their follow-up record ‘Childish Behavior’; both albums secured wide national recognition and a slew of new fans. The Duel continued their ascent last year with the release of ‘All Aboard The Crazy Train’, which also garnered widespread acclaim, notching up national reviews with the likes of Viva Le Rock and Big Cheese Magazine.

With healthy punk rock roots and a mighty appetite for taking their sound to the masses, The Duel are well versed in transit-van touring.

The mobile quintet have expansively toured throughout the UK, Holland, Finland, Spain, Czech Republic, and Germany; they have also played the UK Rebellion Festival for the past five years, as well as the Rebellion Festival in Austria, Holland, and Italy.

The London punkers took centre stage at Skunk Anansie’s and Primal Scream’s after-show parties and also played at The British Invasion Festival in LA. The band were also invited to perform at New York’s legendary CBGB’s and The Continental, just before they permanently closed their doors.

Given the vast range and sheer amount of touring that The Duel have undertaken, it is no wonder that along the way they have racked up supports with the likes of: UK Subs, Vice Squad, Angie Bowie, Peter Hook, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, The Vibrators, Dead Kennedys, and Angelic Upstarts, to name just a few.

The Duel are now loaded with a spanking new album entitled ‘Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story)’, which carries a hefty collection of punk rock anthems, including the infectious stand out track ‘When The Fire Goes Out’ which is destined to grace radio airwaves.

With a full UK tour planned in support of the record for the rest of 2012, the rising London punks are poised to cement their name in the UK punk rock fraternity for many years to come.