The Electric Modern

The Electric Modern

Let me introduce to you a spine tingling new act that is sure to be a part of your summer soundtrack this year.

The Electric Modern is an indie rock band from Hertfordshire, England. Formed in 2008, The Electric Modern is Dean Canty (vocals/guitar), Adam Sullivan (guitar/synth/vocals), Henry Marsden (Bass) and Jon Mytom-Hart (Drums). The guys are drenched in talent, and sure to appeal to music tastebuds of all variety.

In the spring of 2011, after a lineup change and a new found focus, The Electric Modern entered the studio to record a three track EP, ‘Motives‘.

This new direction was a big step forward for The Electric Modern and showcased the band’s love of writing catchy, uplifting indie rock-pop. The new songs were fresh, inspired and anthemic; possessing a more refined sound than their earlier material.

Throughout 2011, The Electric Modern remained active and had various songs and live sessions featured on national and regional radio stations such as BBC, Vibe, Verulam and Amazing Radio.

Their song ‘Lets Get Away‘ was awarded both download and single of the week in August 2011 on Amazing Radio.

‘Motives’ is a masterpiece in its own right, and enough to quench your craving for something fresh that’s not only infectious, but a collection that you’re sure to be at the tip of your tongue. 

The Electric Modern are a band who displays versatility, creativity and the stamina to last through the turbulence that is the ever changing wants of the music industry critics.

To catch The Electric Modern live, make sure you head on over to the following gig dates:

- 24th March // Railway Club, Watford - 30th March // Camden Enterprise - 3rd April // Four Kings, Acoustic Show - 10th April // Ruby Lounge, Manchester