The Good The Bad - From 034 to 050

The Good The Bad - From 034 to 050

After a series of special collaborations with the likes of The Raveonettes and MC5, Danish surf rock trio The Good The Bad are back to release their third and most personal album to date on 12th November 2012 through Stray Cat Records.

‘From 034 To 050’ is the third long player from The Good The Bad, and like any good tonic, fine wine or great western it offers exactly what you needed without realising you were even missing it.

To continue working and living your art as The Good The Bad do, without compromise shows true grit, and that the methodology behind punk and garage rock can still be driven by art in its purest form. No need for words implores this band, not even names for their songs, just numbers, and they’ll keep doing it too.

And why the hell wouldn’t they, since so many love them and their songs exactly as they are. Their videos are incredible! Sexy, alluring, dangerous and melodic. And live, it’s even better!

After another intense tour of America earlier in 2012 which took in landmark shows in New York and SXSW, culminating in Wayne Kramer (MC5) literally inviting TGTB up to ‘Kick Out The Jams’ and the guys getting up to shenanigans which involved Jack White’s Third Man Records mobile bus store getting ‘Punked’.

Adam, Johan & Manoj who collectively make up the band in all its fury/glory returned to their nuclear bunker in Copenhagen to finish up ‘From 034 To 050’. It seems the sound has truly developed into their own which is always the point in which a band ‘makes it’ in many respects. The Adam explains, 'Our 3rd album is the album with our most personal style.

'It’s still classic rock n' roll / surf / film soundtrack music but with our own sound. Our first two albums sounded more like the people we look up to, whereas the new one has more personality in the way it sounds. It sounds more and more like The New School Surf & Flamenco!'

The Good The Bad have notched up tour support for the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Killers, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and have been slaying fans around the world since their journey began in 2009. So what’s next?

First up is a headline spot at Eurosonic in January and then, ‘The World Chico, and everything in it!’