The O.D.'s

The O.D.'s

Sometimes an album comes along that can be both relevant today but also remind you of the history of great music. This album will remind you of the roots of the UK Blues explosion that originated from West London in the 60’s. 

Throw in a bit of Californian early 70’s laid back country rock such as The Eagles and Crosby Stills & Nash, add a dash of Neil Young’s heartfelt vocal performance (just listen to the track Hooba!) and you pretty much have the perfect album to relax, sit under a tree and chill out to this Summer.

The O.D’s are a six piece blues influenced band from West London who call on their British blues invasion heritage which sprang out of West London in the 1960’s from the Station Tavern & Crawdaddy Club to Eel Pie - the result is an updated 12 bar and 8 bar boogie lump. 

The O.D’s are led by Brian (guitarist / songwriter) and Mike (singer / songwriter) who formed in early 2011 after singer Mike Nicholson and guitarist Brian Reeves rejoined forces after a spilt of 15 years.

Mike and Brian were in a band called Chaser which was an early 90's rock band.  Chaser played all over London and the South East and had a residency at a bar in Fulham which saw them playing three hour sets on weekends at the Swan. 

After returning to the UK after a month touring abroad, Chaser played a final gig at the famous Half Moon in Putney after which, Mike and Brian didn't work together for 15 years.  When Mike and Brian got back together, the song writing started to flow again leading to spending a year in the studio writing and recording new material. 

What best describes The O.D sound?  It's the sound of the Thames Delta Blues influenced by the bands that came out of West London in the 60's who formed British electric blues invasion such as Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, The Who, Alexis Korner, Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds. 

They are also influenced by the same artists the bands from the 60's emulated from America, such as Elmore James, Josh White and Son House.  They see their sound as the next reincarnation / evolution of the West London electric blues. 

This is their heritage and they are keeping the spirit alive by taking their influences into our songs.