This Is Hell

This Is Hell

Having laid waste to the UK in March 2010, This Is Hell return with their epic third album ‘Weight Of The World’ set for release 14th June 2010 through Rise Records.

The level of respect a hardcore band receives from their fans is directly proportional to the length and significance of their legacy. This is Hell has secured not only a loyal fanbase, not only a legacy, but also a future being the voice of the hardcore genre.

A genre formed by some of the most influential bands like the Cro-Mags and Gorilla Biscuits, This is Hell is destined to have their name categorized as one of the last giants to help define a generation of music. Formed in 2004, This is Hell have toured the country and globe countless times generating a following of devoted lovers of hardcore music.

Guitarist Rick Jimenez states, "This album lyrically takes us to a place we have never really been before; its more fierce and aggressive as well as empowering and honest than ever before. We really let our crossover and metal influences come through on this record just as much as our hardcore roots. I've always loved Metallica, Anthrax, DRI, Cro-Mags, Suicidal Tendencies; the whole crossover feel. Weight of the World is totally in that vein and it's something that’s really gotten siked and reinvigorated."

Now forming a union with Rise Records, This is Hell has a new path of fury and animosity to continue on. A path that will positively be revered by anyone who has ever been a faithful fan of hardcore.

THIS IS HELL is: Travis Reilly – Vocals, Rick Jimenez - Guitar/Vocals, Andrew Jones – Bass, Benny Mead – Drums.