All She Wrote

All She Wrote

Brit Rock outfit ‘All She Wrote’ express a sound that packs concise riffery and thoughtful arrangements with alluring hooks. The rising quartet unleash their spanking new EP ‘Riven’ on Monday 7th October, from all digital stores.

With an array of influences ranging from the biting metalcore of Bring Me The Horizon and the melodic craft of Young Guns, to the ambient half of Biffy Clyro, All She Wrote have digested their influences and have added their own impressive stamp; and by doing so, they now despatch a hearty and fluid sound that is accessible and instantly delectable.

Coming at you from the suburbs of London, All She Wrote were formed at the end of 2011 and consist of Connor Crooks (Vocals/Guitar), Marc Smith (Drums), Jonny Page (Guitar) and Tommy Shillibeer (Bass).

The band hit the ground running and swiftly began to play shows throughout the nation’s capital, as well as sowing their seeds in southern England. The rock beasts also released their debut single ‘Weathered’, which garnered critical acclaim throughout the underground and helped to increase the foursome’s growing fan-base.

Never ones to stand still, All She Wrote have just completed work on their debut EP ‘Riven’ and the young upstarts have really raised the bar by producing a superb record that belies their age.

The ambient intro to ‘Principio’ lulls you into a calming state before the punchy riffage of ‘Unjust’ grabs you by the scruff of the neck. The record’s namesake ‘Riven’ is next up, and continues in fantastic form with its colossal hook, where the previous single ‘Weathered’ showcases the band’s sturdy backbone with pounding guitar parts and jack hammer beats.

‘Persona’ further demonstrates the four-piece’s growing maturity with its twisted riffs entwined with contagious vocal lines. Lastly, the beautifully majestic ‘Finis Principio’ draws the EP to a close in fitting style. All She Wrote are sure to rise this year; look out for widespread touring to coincide with the EP’s launch.