Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through

Bleeding Through is back with their 6th full length entitled "The Great Fire" which hits stores January 30th. 

Already at legacy status years ago, Bleeding Through continues where they've always been: fast and heavy. 

Their no bullsh*t approach has always been appreciated by fans and critics.

Never succumbing to trends or gimmicks, Bleeding Through will always be true to the underground metal scene.

Track list:
1. The March
2. Faith In Fire
3. Goodbye To Death
4. Final Hours
5. Starving Vultures
6. Everything You love Is Gone
7. Walking Dead
8. The Devil And Self Doubt
9. Step Back In Line
10. Trail of Seclusion
11. Deaf Ears
12. One By One
13. Entrenched
14. Back To Life